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I went looking for a good surgical gown that would last and not be hot during surgery. 
The team also constantly complained about the cloth reusable gowns we were using
and how the had to wash them multiple times for even simple surgeries.
I tried the ORGreen surgical gown and loved it.! The gown is lightweight,
a large amount of ties, super durable, super moisture repellent and most
important for me...cool. I am a believer and am excited to try out their
other surgical products because of the high quality and durability.
Their products will definitely save money and team demeanor in the long haul.
Jason L DVM



Elite Vet Products is a company with great integrity that really stands by its products. With excellent customer service and quality materials, this company has been an absolute pleasure to deal with. All questions and concerns have been addressed quickly and professionally, with customer satisfaction at the forefront of their business model. We will definitely continue shopping with Elite Vet Products for our surgical needs.
-Dominika N. | Office Manager | McSNIP Animal Hospital


Our staff loves the Barrier scrubs and they repel all liquids and dissipates static electricity, preventing anything from attaching to the fabric, especially hair.  No more changing scrubs from the unexpected patient soiling. The all day comfort was an unexpected surprise! -Dr. Paul Shealy, DVM


I have used the gowns a few times and found them very comfortable.  The giant drapes are great for laparascopic procedures as they cover the animal and the whole op table which keeps the light cable, gas tube and camera cable sterile over a much greater length. -Dr. David Holmes, DVM


John & Lindsay,

I want to thank you for allowing Blue to be the first recipient of your canine rental program. Your flexibility in making this happen was a huge boon to Blue's comfort level & recovery.

His femur was shattered in more than 10 pieces and after Dr. Britt preformed surgery; which included placing a rod inside his femur, a plate, & 7 screws, his leg was huge from blood lost & swelling. We were so pleased to see that VRCC in Denver had the Game Ready unit available for their patients & that it was being utilized on Blue right after surgery.

It's been 4 weeks now & he's doing remarkably well-and I know a lit of it has to do with you having the Game Ready therapy available right after surgery & continuing its use at home.

My son blew out his knee 5 years ago & that's when we were introduced to the amazing benefits of the Game Ready unit. His leg was incredibly swollen & painful after surgery, but that went away quickly with the game ready therapy. This is why I was so adamant about getting the same treatment for Blue.

Your expeditious and creative manner in finding a way to push up the start date of the canine rental program was wonderful. Sending the unit overnight to Blue was great so we could get started on his treatment. Lindsay, thank you for taking the time to speak with the vet tech at VRCC and sending us the dual hose & utility pack; it really made all the difference.

Our most sincere appreciation to all of you at Game Ready!

Mazty, Frank & Blue :)