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Uh Oh Kits - The Canine Emergency Kit
Uh Oh Kits - The Canine Emergency Kit
Uh Oh Kits - The Canine Emergency Kit
Uh Oh Kits - The Canine Emergency Kit

Uh Oh Kits - The Canine Emergency Kit

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The Uh Oh Kit is a medicine kit for dogs. 

The perfect item to sell to Pet Owners 

Great for first time pet owners, puppy owners or any dog owner.   

Suggested Retail Price to your clients is $79.00 to $89.00 

Makes a great gift for NEW clients! 

Designed by a licensed veterinarian. The Uh-Oh Kit has tools and resources for your  clients to navigate their next minor health concern with the guidance of a veterinarian. 

The Uh-Oh Kit is designed with a dog in mind. It’s a single place to store each client's dog's important documents, veterinary contact information, instructions for care when you are away, and essentials for an unexpected emergency.  They can pop your pup’s photo on the exterior of the box, and let the world know you’re prepared.

The kit comes with:  

  • Five OTC medicines to address gastrointestinal upset and allergens
    • Meclizine- To relieve symptoms of nausea and dizziness
    • Famotidine- To relieve symptoms of GI upset
    • Probiotic- To relieve symptoms of GI upset
    • Diphenhydramine- To relieve minor allergy symptoms
    • Loratadine- To relieve minor allergy symptoms
  • Pill splitter
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Oral syringe
  • Thermometer
  • Latex-free gloves
  • Alcohol wipes
  • Lubricant jelly
  • A pocket to store your dog’s important documents
  • Instructions and suggested dosages for each medicine
  • Directions on how to take and assess important vital signs
  • And most importantly: Suggested topics to discuss with your veterinarian before use

Customize it for your clinic by placing a photo of your logo in the exterior display panel or let your clients customize it for themselves with their dog's photo.   

How to sell to your clients: 

Most dog orders can recall a time when they found themselves underprepared and uninformed about a pet predicament.

If their dog has ever gotten into trouble outside of your normal business hours, they have probably weighed whether to go into the emergency clinic. It’s easy to spend hundreds of dollars on a visit only to find out they could have mitigated or managed the crisis with an “over-the-counter” solution.  So the next time something minor happens, they will have this kit and feel more prepared with your guidance, even after hours.  

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