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Ophthalmic Surgery Kit

Ophthalmic Surgery Kit

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The Ophthalmic Surgery Kit is a comprehensive set of high-quality surgical instruments tailored for veterinary eye procedures.

This kit includes essential instruments such as Ophthalmic Scissors, McPherson Bonn Suturing Forceps, Bishop Harmon Iris Forceps (Extra Delicate), and a convenient storage cassette.

This kit is specifically designed for veterinary professionals conducting eye surgeries, providing them with comprehensive, precise, and effective procedures

Kit includes: 

Troutman Barraquer Colibri Type Corneal Utility Forceps 3"/0.12mm

Stevens Tenotomy Scissors Straight 4 1/4" Blunt Tips

Jaeger Eye Lid Plate

Derf Needle Holder 4 3/4"

Backhaus Towel Clamp 3 1/2"

Enucleation Scissors Curved 5"

Siegel Round Knife Handle No. 5

Allis Tissue Forceps 4x5 Teeth, 6"

Bishop Harmon Iris Forceps 3 1/4" 1x2th

Halsted Mosquito Forceps 4 3/4" Straight

Mayo Dissecting Scissors Straight 5 1/2"

Barraquer Eye Lid Speculum Solid Blade

Microsurgical Beaver Blade Handle 4" in Length

Adson Brown Side Grasping Forceps 7x7 Teeth, 4 3/4"

Castroviejo Needle Holder 5 1/4" Straight Smooth Jaws With Catch

McPherson Bonn Suturing Forceps 1x2 Teeth Tying Platform 0.12mm Tip

Westcott Tenotomy Scissors 4 1/2" - Sharp Tips With Spring Handle