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Advanced Eye Pack with Case

Advanced Eye Pack with Case

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The advanced eye pack includes seven instruments that are ideal for use in complex microsurgical eye procedures. In addition, it comes with a veterinary case that is used for sterilization and storing or keeping the delicate speculum, scissors, forceps, and other instruments with sharp blades.

Microsurgical Beaver Blade Handle 4"

Bishop Harmon Iris Forceps 3 1/4" 1x2th

Desmarres Chalazion Forceps 20mm Diameter 3 1/2

Steven Tenotomy Scissors 4 1/4" slightly curved w/blunt tips

Barraquer Eye Speculum, Colibri 1 1/4"

Castroviejo Needle Holder 5 1/4" straight jaw with catch 

Surgical Blade Beaver Style 62 12 Box