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Titanium G-Lux Color Coated

Titanium G-Lux Color Coated

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The G-Lux Set of 6 pcs has made to operate effectively by saving both time and money. This dental toolset is capable to perform elevation and luxation swiftly.

G-Lux titanium color coated tool kit is manufactured with a slimmer and thinner tip to achieve movements that raise and also that dislocate. By purchasing this dental instrument kit, no regular sharpening is needed.

The amazing fact of this dental instrument is that it can be used for animals and humans both. This 6pcs set has a total of six instruments ranging from sizes 1.5mm to 6mm. The vibrant colors include silver, bronze, black, gold, and iridescent purple.

Each one is labeled with quite a visible font to distinguish the tools clearly.