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24x24 Barrier Pack Wrap
24x24 Barrier Pack Wrap

24x24 Barrier Pack Wrap

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 2- Ply Barrier Pack Wraps - Single Wrap

  • 2 Ply so NO double wrapping 
  • Fluid repellent - NO Staining!
  • Approved for 75 turns
  • Wraps available for autoclave sterilization

24x24 is perfect size for a spay pack

Our Pack Wraps are made with 2 layers of fabric combined together to give you a dual ply product so there is no need for double wrapping

When you shop for your surgical supplies online from Elite Veterinary Products, you’re getting the BEST!

  • 2-Ply Barrier Design
  • 2 tone color edges to help simplify size identification 
  • Available in various sizes
  • Eco Friendly - Reusable up to 75 times & Cost Effective