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Surgeon Gown (Barrier)
Surgeon Gown (Barrier)

Surgeon Gown (Barrier)

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Barrier Surgeon Gown

In today's healthcare environment, protecting yourself and your patients is essential. At the same time, reducing environmental impact is a growing concern.

Our reusable barrier surgical gowns offer a perfect solution. They provide Level 2 protection against fluids and other contaminants, while also being:

  • Cost-effective - Reusable up to 75 times - $1.00 per use!!!!
  • Environmentally friendly: Reduce waste by choosing reusable options
  • Durable and comfortable:  Made with high-quality materials for long lasting wear  
  • Fluid Repellent:  Repels liquids as it also allows moisture vapor to pass thru 
  • Autoclavable
  • Level 2 Protection
  • Meets AAMI BP70 Level 2 Barrier standards  

We offer two sizes:  Large and X-Large

Sale:  $75