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Surgical Gowns vs. Disposable Gowns

Our Surgical vet gowns are much more cost effective than disposables gown alternatives. By using our surgical gowns, you will be able to save money and you will have higher quality and a more comfortable gown!

How Barrier Surgical Gowns Can Save You lots of $ in A Year...

An average clinic uses about 30 disposable veterinary gowns a month. The average cost for a disposable surgical gown is $5. Over a year that cost ends up being around $150 over a month, or $1800 over a year.

Our Barrier Surgical Gowns can be used 75 times, which means 1 will last you for about 2 months! Over a years time that ends up being around $1.61 per use or $582 per year.

Not only will you save over 3 times as much by switching to our Surgical Gowns, they also have some great features:

  • They feel like cotton
  • They are 100% breathable,
  • They wick moisture away from your body
  • They are locally made in the USA
  • They last for 60+ uses!

Don't settle for cheap, disposable veterinary gowns that are not comfortable or moisture wicking.