18x18 2-Ply Fluid Barrier Pack Wrap

$15.50 $18.00

Product Description

18x18 2-Ply Barrier Pack Wrap

  • Fluid repellent finish is a FDA Class 2 Medical Device approved for 100 turns
  • Wraps available for autoclave sterilization

Our  2-Ply Barrier Pack Wrap in size 18x18 is approved for 100 turns.

These wraps can work for autoclave sterilization, such as for patient drapes, towels, gowns, and instruments.

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  • Made in the USA
  • 2-Ply Barrier Design
  • Autoclavable and reusable
  • Cost effective- 1,000 Procedures

    • Disposables @.60¢* per procedure= $600.00
    • Elite Vet Products @.09¢ per procedure =  $90.00

         85% Savings

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