OR Surgical Gowns, Wraps, Drapes

Fluid Resistant Vet Scrubs, Surgical Drapes, and Vet Gowns

Our New Line of Surgical Fabrics Is Made in the USA!

Technologically Advanced Fabrics For Vets

The infused technology in our scrubs, drapes, wraps, and gowns is a radical departure from traditional manufacturing of 100% polyester yarns and fabrics.

The reusable technology of our Medical Barrier Fabric (99.5% polyester and .5% carbon) is a high-density polyester with carbon fiber threading. The content of this fabric designed for medical application provides a high level of fluid repellency and electrostatic dissipation which effectively eliminates particle and pathogen adherence and retention.

Our proprietary Infused Fabrics get their reusability and endurance through yarn selection and structure, fabric construction techniques/processing, and wet finishing processes. This proprietary, complex process manipulates synthetic fibers thus altering their inherent performance profiles.

Our product design incorporates an infused wicking finish or an Infused fluid repellent finish based on the desired application.

Gowns Engineered To Perfection

If you are tired of traditional gowns and want to experience the best veterinary gown available, then Elite Vet Products Barrier gowns are for you!

This gown is the best option if you prefer superior protection during surgery. Our gowns Feature:

  • Superior Comfort
  • Feels like cotton!
  • Great maneuverability
  • Liquid repellency
  • Moisture wicking
  • Reinforced fabric and stitching
  • Eco-friendly

Take a look at our vet gowns in our store, and order one for yourself to feel the difference!


Our 2-ply barrier wrap is a class 2 medical device approved for 100 turns.

  • Eliminated double wrapping
  • Cost-effective
  • Protects your instruments
  • Sustainable 

The fabric eliminates lint and has the feel, handling, and comfort of cotton.