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Nu Bandage Customer reviews

I have found a variety of uses for the Nu Bandage. It is easy to apply, I often do it by myself, no other help required. I primarily use it on areas that hard to bandage with traditional wraps, such as the hock and knee. One of the first horses I used the product on was my own gelding, who sustained an injury to extensor carpi tendon just above his knee. He developed edema to the area. I tried to use traditional standing wraps to provide compression to the area without much luck. Hard to stack wraps over the knee while maintaining compression. I did try a human compression sock cut to apply, which worked great when my horse was standing still, but with any movement would slide right down. Nu bandage is made out of a nice grippy material, which holds it in place even with the horse moving around. In my practice I have added it my cytowave treatments. Because I can apply it to a variety of areas, I can provide compression to the limb while the horse receives a cytowave treatment session. My Nu bandage has held up well through many many applications. It is easy to clean, I either rinse it in the washrack or toss it in the washing machine. It does require a little extra care when putting on over a shoe, but is easy to stretch larger than the hoof. Once over the hoof, I move it to the pastern area. Once here the horse can put its hoof on the ground and I can manipulate the bandage to the desired area. I have found that it works better to pull the bandage above the area and then work it distally. This way I am not working against the direction of the hair. Try to adjust in segment like movements, rather than putting it on a maximum stretch and then evening it out. It is very straight forward to use, and easy to teach those providing care to the horse how to use. Like any tools on the market, you want to check on the horse a few times at the start of its use. While I have never had a horse react negatively to the bandage I like to ensure it's sitting in a good place and tolerating well (can instruct the client to do as well).
It is not the same nor will it replace the gradient compression garments on the market (nor is it meant to). It is another tool to add to my treatment tool kit. And can allow me to see how a horse responds to compression, before looking to order long term compression garments. It can also be used in conjunction with these other forms of compression garments (I have used my long term compression garment on the distal limb, and then applied the Nu bandage above it (on the hock or knee). It does play nicely with other products. I have not used it in conjunction with topical creams, just on clean limbs. 
Heather Owchar