Game Ready Systems

Elite Vet Products is an authorized distributor of the Game Ready System for both Canine and Equine systems.

What is Game Ready and what does it do?

Game Ready is proven therapy based upon a parallel system for humans, Game Ready combines dry cold therapy and active compression in one revolutionary application. We provide game ready rental services at a discount price, as part of our veterinary medical supplies and equipment.

Cold therapy can minimize pain and muscle spasm, reduce swelling, and decrease damage to healthy tissue following an injury or surgery.

Compression can reduce swelling, prevent tissue damage and promote faster healing.

In fact, Game Ready is so effective it is already the injury and treatment system by choice of 150 professional sports teams, 800 professional athletes, and 400 colleges and universities nationwide. It is also used by the top canine and equine veterinarians around the world.

Discover a non-invasive way to help animals heal faster from injury or surgery with our Game Ready systems and veterinary medical supplies!

Game Ready Equine Systems

One of our products and types of veterinary medical supplies includes the Game Ready equine system. These systems are an accelerated recovery system for horses. It includes ergonomic, flexible wraps and a microprocessor-regulated control unit. The control unit is filled with ice and water, and an appropriate wrap is secured around the area to be treated. Choose to treat one or two legs at a time.

The system delivers optimal temperatures of dry cold therapy in conjunction with active ‘‘squeeze and release’’ compression. A recent study showed that squeeze and release compression can accelerate the repair process of soft tissue injuries, like those involving tendons and ligaments.

The Game Ready Equine Professional Kit includes:

•Control Unit with AC adapter
•(2) Utility Wraps
•Left & Right Full Leg Wraps
•left & Right Hock Wraps
•Single Connector Hose
•Dual Connector Horse
•Carry Bag