The Benefits Of ORGreens Vet Scrubs

ORGreens are a new line of surgical vet scrubs, gowns, wraps, towels and drapes made from the latest technology in fabrics. The fabric has a ‘barrier’ infused process which makes it highly breathable and repels liquids, it also allows perspiration to escape.  This leads to increased air circulation for greater comfort.  

1 - Better Vet Scrub Fabric

The Scrub Barrier

The secret to why our vet scrubs are the best in the market is the proprietary process we use for adding a “barrier” to the fabric.  This barrier completely resists liquids and lint and provide electrostatic dissipation.  

The Scrub Fabric

Technically, the vet fabric has a high-density polyester with carbon threading.   It is designed for a high level of fluid repellency and electrostatic dissipation.  Not only is this fabric fluid repellent but also eliminates particles and hair from adhering to it.

The Scrub Stitching

ORGreen products and veterinary scrubs are also made with a continuous stitching in critical areas, where others break down.  So if you pull a thread the entire piece does not unravel.
All ORGreens are Made in the USA.

2 - More Comfortable Vet Scrubs

You would think it would be like wearing a piece of plastic, but it isn’t.  ORGreens fabric is very strong, but it also feels like you are wearing cotton.  It is also extremely cool and comfortable. 

Here is what one of our customers said about it:

Our staff loves the Barrier Scrubs as they repel all liquids and dissipates static electricity, preventing anything from attaching to the fabric, especially hair.  No more changing scrubs from the unexpected patient soiling!  The all-day comfort was an unexpected surprise! – Dr. Paul M. Shealy DVM, MS, DACVS

3 - Reusable & Autoclavable Vet Scrubs

An ORGreen gown, scrub, wrap, towel, drape, etc. can be washed and autoclaved over 60 times.  This provides cost savings to the clinic as well as a decrease in medical waste.

Go green and use ORGreens!