ORGreens Reusable Surgical Vet Gowns

Go green with ORGreens reusable surgical vet gowns!

These gowns are lightweight completely breathable for total comfort in the O.R.  The gowns can be washed and autoclaved over 60 times which provides a cost effective alternative to disposables.

Surgical Gown Fabric

The fabric used to Made of 97% poly/carbon blend the fabric offers the comfort of cotton but lint free. The fabric is a departure from the usual single use scrubs that are common in the vet industry.

Breathability Of Our Surgical Gowns

Our Medical Barrier Fabric is a dense polyester with carbon fiber threading, which provides superior protection while allowing for breathability.

Moisture Wicking And Fluid Repellant Gown Properties

These veterinary gowns are extremely lightweight and fluid repellent.  These are perfect for those messy surgeries and procedures and will keep you dry and still comfortable! You will not have to worry about uncomfortable scrubs and you can focus more on what matters, taking care of animals.

Autoclavable Gown Fabric

These vet gowns have been designed primarily with vets in mind. They can be autoclaved over 60 times and provide electrostatic dissipation to eliminate particle retention. They will not only keep you dry, but clean as well.

Surgical Gown Manufacturing Process

Every one of our ORGreens veterinary surgical gowns are made in the USA and the quality is superior to the competition. You will not have to worry about frayed edges because all of our fabric provides reinforced stitching.

If you want to learn more, you can visit our ORGreens Vet Scrubs page, or go to our ORGreens store.